Meets OEM standards

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How to ascertain the true quality of a product? You make sure it meets car manufacturer’s standards. Plasteel® does.

It meets the requirements for wheel weights from Honda and General Motors. In addition it complies with international standards like SAE J1986 “Balance Weight and Rim Flange Design Specifications, Test Procedures, and Performance Recommendations.” and Japanese Automobile Standard JASO C303-86 “Wheel balancing weights for automobiles” and JASO C305-2 “Automotive parts – Non lead wheel balance weights”

Here is a glimpse of the tests that Plasteel® endured:

  • Resistance to corrosion: Plasteel® doesn’t exhibit any sign of corrosion after more than 2000 hours in salt spray chamber (ASTM B117)
  • Retention on the wheel: 100% of the wheel weights are tested to make sure the weight body is firmly attached to the clip. We also test the retention of the wheel weights on the wheel to make sure they can’t fall off (JASO C303-86)
  • Resistance to extreme temperatures and temperature change: Plasteel® will withstand temperature as low as -40°F and as high as 175°F. It will also withstand sudden changes from -40 to 175°F
  • Resistance to UV: To ensure your wheel weights won’t discolor, we expose them to 400 hours of intense UV lamps.
  • Resistance to car wash: We make sure that the soap and water jet from the car wash won’t have any impact on your wheel weights.
  • Resistance to various chemicals: Plasteel® is exposed to chemicals like gasoline, sulfuric acid (H2SO4) and caustic soda (NaOH)
  • Gravel gun: To simulate gravel road we shoot gravel on our parts and make sure it doesn’t crack or chip.