Exceptional corrosion resistance

Plasteel® has an exceptional corrosion resistance. Underneath the rugged plastic shell, both the steel core and the clip are coated using OEM recommended coating for a protection surpassing stringent industry standards. In addition, the plastic overmold shields the coated steel core and provides protection against abrasion and corrosion. Plasteel®’s metal coating and plastic shell offer double protection to corrosion which in turn yields exceptional resistance.

How exceptional is it? Many of the wheel weights in the market will start to rust before reaching an exposure of 480 hours (20 days) to salt spray (ASTM B117 test method). In addition many OEM request 480 hours of salt spray resistance. Plasteel® more than quadruples that amount with a resistance exceeding 2 000 hours without trace of red rust (not even on the metal clip).

Lead weights are a major cause of damage to alloy wheels. The reaction, called galvanic corrosion, induced by the contact of lead with the aluminum of the wheel, causes discoloration and pitting of the alloy. Who has not seen discolored spots on alloy wheels after the removal of old lead wheel weights? This is completely eliminated with Plasteel®.