About Plasteel®

Plombco has developed the first-ever steel core wheel weight encased in a plastic shell.


The wheel weight market is shifting towards lead-free alternatives.plasteel-patent-2

In 2009, the State of California passed a law banning lead wheel weights and Plombco recognized the need for an environmentally friendly wheel weight alternative to lead. In addition, important issues, such as the increased popularity of clad wheels on new vehicles, demonstrated that there is a need for a better alternative than steel or zinc. The company seized these opportunities to increase its product line and introduced the new and innovative Plasteel® wheel weight. The valuable research and development of this patented product, offering a steel core encased in a plastic shell, have made of this invention the Plombco’s premium product.

Plombco is a wheel weight manufacturer that has developed the most innovative and comprehensive product lines in the industry. The company ranks among one of the largest manufacturers of wheel weights in the world and they have no intention of slowing down.

Plombco awarded patents for Plasteel® product line

Plombco is proud to say that Plasteel® has 4 patents already approved by United States Patent and Trademark Office and 3 more requests are pending at this time.

US 8,628,149 B2
US 9,341,231 B2

No other manufacturer offers this patented product. To learn more about this innovative technology, please call our team at 1-888-558-7854.